A Great Place to Grow

Principal - Dr. Johan Manuel Rojas

Johan Manuel Rojas, Ed.D. 


Welcome and thank you for visiting our school! I am deeply honored to be taking on the helms of Lindeneau Elementary School as your new Principal. Our goal is to provide an enriching environment and educational experience that enables all students to become successful members and LEADERS of our community.

At Lindeneau Elementary, we follow a set of shared cultures and values that guide our beliefs about teaching and learning. We believe that all children can learn and deserve a safe, satisfying, and successful school experience. We know that high expectations for student achievement combined with adequate support and intervention systems will result in academic proficiency and growth. Hence we offer a number of supportive programs aimed at closing achievement gaps and creating lifelong learners. Lindeneau is a great place for students to learn and grow. To foster this, our “Leader in Me” program continues for its third year and integrates the "7 Habits" of creating a school culture that promotes leadership and academics. This year, every child will continue taking ownership of his/her learning by creating personal goals and monitoring their achievement through the use of a leadership binder.

At Lindeneau Elementary School, all students are exposed to a rich curriculum with emphasis on literacy and mathematical practices. We offer various co-curricular activities and reinforce the concept that an “active mind is a powerful mind”. This year, we will continue our partnerships with the community in order to bring enriched experiences to our students that will pique their interests and enable them to become lifelong learners. Instruction is informed by professional learning, data, and collaboration amongst staff. Our excellent Special Education program and school-wide intervention program allows us to meet the specific needs of all learners.

Cooperation, collaboration, and communication continue to be an important part of our school. We believe in character education and feel it is important to model respect and foster a caring school culture where students feel VALUED, APPRECIATED, and most importantly LOVED. Finally, we believe in building partnerships between school, home, and community. Through these shared values and beliefs, students experience an education that is profound and lasting. In partnership with the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), an ambitious calendar has been established that will bring adventure to the learning process. We ask for your continued support in ensuring this school year is successful by becoming an active and integral member of this organization.. Remember~ our village is only strong when we work together. Our active PTO plans and hosts a series of family events and fundraisers designed to help students achieve, showcase performances, and celebrate success; these special events and fundraisers benefit all students.

Looking forward to a productive 2018-19 school year!

Johan Manuel Rojas, Ed. D.